Kasvu Open is the largest project for sparring eager to grow companies with growth experts in Finland. Throughout the competition every eager to grow company has an opportunity to present own growth plan to a great number of experts free of charge. As a result, companies have a clarified growth plan, enlarged network of the best possible growth venture experts and investors in the country.

In 2018 over 900 experienced managers will meet 450 small and medium size companies for a total amount of time exceeding 4550 hours. Following the main goal of Kasvu Open, hundreds of experts offer own knowledge and skills on a voluntary basis. Kasvu Open gathers growth professionals, investors and other partners into one solid network, which supports companies.

EEE Innovations Oy has now been selected as one of the finalists continuing its trip to Jyväskylä and the finals. The judges greeted EEE’s ambition, business idea, market potential and the way how the company can leverage its potential using sales and marketing. They also embraced the potential of EEE Innovations eDAS – connected driving assistance system and eGRIP – dynamic slipperiness detection system.

The judges specifically embraced the huge potential and easy scalability and found the solutions as economically and societally significant having great impact on traffic, public transportation and transportation.

Please find link to the news from Kasvu Open in Finnish here.

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