Our mission is to offer new, traffic safety and cost-efficiency enhancing services for drivers, fleet managers, road weather service providers, road maintenance operators, public service providers, authorities and heavy traffic service providers;  our vision to enable versatile and extensive utilization of data gathered from vehicles and other sources and refined with modern technology and innovative analyzing methods, for the benefit of both traffic and infrastructure.

Data gathered real-time from the vehicles can be applied for several purposes, including

  • Constant monitoring of road surface temperature straight from the vehicles
  • Measuring of actualized carbon footprint
  • Automated vehicle control
  • Road load estimation
  • Monitoring changes in road profile
  • Detecting hazardous driving patterns
  • Identifying occuring disturbances

The invention-based driver assistance and slipperiness detection systems were developed by VTT since 2004 and verified in several research projects. The core of the EEE team includes Kimmo Erkkilä, the inventor, and Paula Silvonen, head developer of the pilot system, both involved in creating the original inventions, keeping the implementation of the software products in the capable hands of people who created the concept to start with.

CEO Jarmo Leino has a solid background in technology from software design to nuclear physics and space technology, as well as in business management, implementing new inventions in commercial products in particular. Prior to founding EEE in 2014, his career included working as a software engineering and design team leader for Oxford Instruments Analytical. He is also a co-founder of Linkker electric bus company and owns one personal patent relating to an elemental analyzer.